Protect Your Loved Ones With Life Insurance From Monumental Life Insurance

Life insurance is a necessity for any person who wants to take the best care of their family. Life insurance provides the most economical, safest, and most secure protection for a person’s family in the event that they are killed in an automobile accident, a work related accident, or a natural disaster.

Why do you need to have life insurance?

· Quickly available income for your family in the event you are killed can provide security and the means to pay bills and mortgages for a one income family until the family can recover from the untimely passing of the breadwinner and begin a new life.

· Tax free income to your family. Life insurance proceeds are tax free from federal and state taxes. That means your family gets all the money coming to them and the government does not get a dime.

· Protection from unforeseen death. The recent tornado disasters in Alabama and Missouri are just one of the many events that would make a person consider having a life insurance policy to protect their family in the event they were killed in some unforeseen and unpreventable accident or disaster.

· You can cover your burial expenses and last expenses. Life insurance is a perfect way to cover the costs of your funeral, outstanding credit card debt, auto loan debt, and other expenses that are left hanging around if you are suddenly taken away from your family.

What should you consider in a life insurance policy?

· Amount of coverage. A good rule of thumb is to buy a policy that provides at minimum five years of your income as a death benefit. Five years of income should provide plenty of time for your family to take care of the changes in their lives that would occur if you died.

· Cost. You want payments that fit your budget and provide the maximum coverage you can afford.

· Life insurance policy terms. You want the best terms that you can get. No weasel words that cost your family money.

· Quick payment of death benefits without a lot of hassle and waiting for your bereaved loved ones.

What should you look for in a life insurance company?

· Longevity. The longer the company has been around the more stable they are and the more likely the company is to have the financial resources to pay claims speedily and in full.

· A good reputation with clients. The reputation of an insurance company and the quality of their life insurance policy can be checked with friends, family, and at many internet sites including Angies’s list.

There are many insurance companies out there and for the clients it is usually very hard to decide which company to choose. Monumental Life Insurance for example has been in business since 1800 and their life insurance policies have been rated as superior by their clients.