What Information Do You Need When Applying for Monumental Life Insurance?

If you’re thinking about purchasing monumental life insurance, you’re probably wondering what you actually need to tell the life insurance company so that you can get a quote from them. Many people dread what questions they are going to be asked, but there’s no reason why you should be worried about what they want to know. Firstly, it’s important to remember that the company won’t ask you any unnecessary questions. Every bit of information that they need from you will make a difference to the cost of your monumental life insurance premium. Always remember that they aren’t going to waste their time or your time to ask you for information that they don’t actually need! So, what information do you need to tell them when you’re applying for a life insurance quote?

Name and Address – This is some of the most basic information that they’ll need. They only need this to prove who you are, just like a bank would request this information if you were applying to open a bank account with them.
Lifestyle – In 99% of cases, the life insurance company will want to know some information about your life. They could ask you if you have any habits, (particularly any bad habits such as drinking and smoking) what type of job do you have(the more dangerous it is, the higher that your premium will be) or they could ask if you have any pastimes / hobbies. (just like the question about your job, if you have a reasonably dangerous pastime your premium will be higher)

Health Condition – When you want to apply for a monumental life insurance policy you should have all of your medical history next to you so that you make sure that you don’t forget any information. For example, if you have any type of disease or take tablets for any reason, you must tell the life insurance provider about this. It’s important that you don’t make a mistake and tell them the wrong information.

Date of Birth – There’s probably no need to tell you about this since you know your date of birth, but just make sure that you give them the correct date of birth when you’re applying for a life insurance policy. A simple mistake like saying that you were born one year after the year that you were actually born in could cause your family a lot of hassle in the future!

That’s some of the information that you’ll have to have with you if you’re looking for a monumental life insurance policy. I usually tell people to have all of this information (along with some other information) on a piece of paper so that you know exactly what you have to tell them. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that there’s absolutely no point of telling small lies to the life insurance company, no matter how small that lie is. Something that could only reduce your premium by 0.1% per annum could potentially result in your family getting nothing from the life insurance company when you pass away. So please don’t take that risk, you’ll never get away with it! Now that you know what information you need when you want to apply for a monumental life insurance policy, you can start organizing all of this information somewhere so you can apply to more than one company without getting stressed about what information you’ll need to tell the life insurance company.